Eric Shen

Eric Shen

Software Engineer, Problem Solver, Teacher, and Lifelong Learner


I'm Eric, and I'm currently a Software Engineer at Dropbox NYC.

I graduated from UC Berkeley in May 2016 with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences.

In my free time, I love to play basketball, frisbee, and soccer, read up on current events, and explore new restaurants.

You can contact me at

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BizWorld is a non-profit that provides educational materials on entrepreneurship to help inspire students to become architects of their future. As a member of Cal Blueprint, I worked on the administrator flow for a Rails app that will help BizWorld educators manage their classrooms. The repository for the source code is located here.


Re-volv is a non-profit that strives to empower people and communities to invest collectively in renewable energy. As a member of Cal Blueprint, I helped work on a Django crowdfunding web application for them. The repository for the source code is located here.

Learn Algebra

Learn Algebra and Learn Algebra 2 are Android Applications currently available on the Play Store. These educational applications provide lessons, randomly generated practice problems, quick notes, and statistics for any person trying to learn or refresh on Algebra. I worked on these applications as a part of ExEquals, a group that some high school friends and I formed in the summer of 2012.


While I was a student at Berkeley, I had the opportunity to pursue undergraduate research. I investigated applications of AI techniques for heart-beat estimation. I had the fortune of being mentored by Professor Stuart Russell and Yusuf Erol, and of working closely with Hugh Chen. A paper detailing our work was published in Physiological Measurement, and an implementation of our methods can be found here.

I also spent a semester as an undergradute researcher in the NetSys Lab. I had the pleasure of working with Chang Lan on E2.


[1] Hugh Chen, Yusuf B. Erol, Eric Shen, Stuart Russell, "Probabilistic Model-Based Approach for Heart Beat Detection", Physiological Measurement, Vol. 37, No. 9, August 2016, link.


Just some comics, pictures, and quotes that I have run across over the years. Some are deep, some are cute, and some are just funny. Enjoy!

Master Oogway (Kung Fu Panda)

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